A Comparison Of Video Editing Software

A Comparison Of Video Editing Software

Hi there! Are you new to video editing? In case you are, you’re probably confused by the vast array of video editing software programs around in the market.

When I started out in video editing, nobody gave me a proper assessment of video editing software programs. And so i experimented on my own.

I tried using Microsoft Movie Maker and other free software.
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Over time, as I gained confidence in the editing process, I managed to move on to commercial software like Adobe Premiere and Corel VideoStudio.

In this article, I’d like to give you a comparison of the better video editing software programs out there to get more creative with your productions.

1 ) Beginner Level

Let’s start from the basic principles. If you’re a beginner and have not really done much video editing, I suggest you that you start with a free video editing package like Microsoft Film Maker. This allows you to understand the video clip timeline, splitting, cutting and how to add basic effects into your production.

Once you have some basic knowledge, get a good newbie video editor like MovAVI. I personally use MovAVI a lot these days to rapidly edit and burn / add my videos to YouTube.

MovAVI automates most of the post-production process for me. I simply import my video, select a default theme and the software will the rest. This saves me a wide range of time, especially if I have a ton of say, vacation videos where I’m too lazy to do in-depth editing.

2 . Intermediate Level

OK, moving on to the intermediate level software. These programs have basic video modifying features for beginners but also contain advanced functionalities for those who want to be more creative.

In this category, my personal preference is definitely Corel VideoStudio. I’ve used its competitor products like Adobe Premiere Elements and Pinnacle Studio prior to, but I still come back to VideoStudio because of the rich set of templates it has and the intuitive application interface.

Corel VideoStudio lets me do things like chroma key (removing green screens from a video so I can overlay another background), add titles, transactions and manipulate audio. I also like that I can export my video within a huge variety of formats, including uploading them online to YouTube effortlessly. This is the software I use most often intended for editing selected video projects where I need a fast basic workflow yet have some room for creative function.

Advanced Level

There are more advanced level video editing software packages like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Last Cut Pro. While I do such as their features (and these are industrial-grade features used by movie makers) — I find them overly expensive. Something similar to the full Adobe Premiere suite will easily set you back by almost $1000. I’m not paying that much cash for a video application unless I’m doing this full-time.

For hobbyists, I actually strongly suggest using intermediate degree software. The advanced features in pro-level packages like Adobe Premiere tend to be rarely used. Once you have performed many video projects and want to move pro, then these packages seem sensible.

4. Online Applications

OK, up to now we’ve done comparison of desktop computer video editing software. But you should know there are also other online video editing applications popping up all over the shop.

One which particularly caught my attention will be Animoto, which is a great online software.

This is a solid, intuitive online video clip editor which allows you to just upload your work and apply a series of automatic edits and effects. Again, very helpful stuff for those requiring a quick workflow without a lot of fuss.

5. Cellular Applications

Finally, if you’re on a mobile device like the iPhone or have an Android device, you’ll be aware of a slew of video editing applications showing up in your app store.

I particularly such as Game Your Video for the iOS. This little app allows you to import videos from your phone library, then spice them up with effects like slow motion, Charlie Chaplin comic effects, as well as a variety of other great stuff. Do try it out.

If you do an assessment of mobile video editing software with their desktop competitors, you’ll find them lacking in features. But they make up for that will in terms of portability. Just whip out your phone, shoot the video and modify. It’s very quick and simple compared to a desktop computer approach.

Also, there are, of course , additional video editing apps out there. You can try browsing under the “Featured” or “Top Charts” categories on your iPhone or iPad to see which are the best applications at the moment.

Wrapping Up…

I hope the above provides given you a good comparison of movie editing software packages in the market. Remember, try to select a package that meets your requirements. If you’re just beginner, don’t buy something expensive like Adobe Premiere. Get your feet wet first with simple video editors like VideoStudio, then move on to more advanced things when you’re ready.

The other point is to just practice. I remember I went through a minimum of 20 projects on Corel VideoStudio before I decided I’d try Adobe Premiere. Once you practice, you will start to understand the basic elements of it editing workflow – and those abilities can be applied to any video editing application you own in the future.

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